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Welcoming your ‘son’ or ‘daughter’ after many years or the return of the native friend from abroad after many years or maybe an auspicious occasion of celebrating your grandparent’s 50 years of wedding anniversary or a birthday. If you want to make a private and close arrangement and tag it as a house-warming party we ready to assist you with that.

House Warming Parties require a very small token of arrangements but it has to be special and must have a touch of specialties.

How we serve such special moments?

As we know house warming parties are spent with you closed one or with dear friends , so keeping the nostalgic tone we have been accepting a challenging prospect from wide range of customers and to our surprise we have passed the challenge with flying colors.

As said earlier catering for a major event is often a challenging prospect mainly when it is about handling the a large to small number of people. House Warming parties have flickering number of people. Thus, it calls for chefs with specialized skills or managers who can assist with expert guidance for your guests. Tasty Catering Services and their staff stay equipped with proper training and orientation program & mock sessions. Even they have rehearsals on-site to prepare them to manage, with aplomb, any situation that may arise as crisis is independent of small or large number of guests.

We make sure that on our services we never lose the personal touch, as it can only make your House-Warming party more special and close to heart.

As one of the leading catering service in Coimbatore, we have been competent with our quality and arrangements, we never try to compromise. If you are going to host a special occasion simply give a call to us within the business hours at 24 Hours.