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Office Lunch Service in coimbatore

Tasty Catering Services serves you complete nutritious meal when you begin to feel hungry. Adding spices to our tasty with love, cooking with the not-so-secret ingredient, we offer you a homemade food experience. We offer you pure vegetarian tiffin, both delicious and healthy.

Besides providing healthy and sumptuous tiffin, Tasty Catering provides bulk office-lunch services at corporate houses and industries across Coimbatore. We cater meals in bulk for corporate staffs and employees.We are 5 years more than work for office lunch service in coimbatore. Because our customer expectation and customer say to good job for office lunch service in coimbatore.

We are here to offer you with integrated packages that leave you feeling content and eager for more food. Our meal packages include Breakfast and Lunch, Snacks and Tiny Bites to keep up with the natural nutrition that we intake throughout the day. What is more is that we do not repeat our preparations within a fortnight. We choose our meal range from a large variety of south Indian and cuisines.


  •  We prepare food from the fresh and premium quality of ingredients.
  •  We make sure that the spice, salt and oil content of the food is low and suitable for regular intake

Menu for the whole week we design keeping in mind -

Nutritional Balance: Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals & Fibers are well-balanced

Calorie Count: An average adult Indian requires about 1,800 to 2,200 Calories per day or 700 Calories from lunch and dinner. Every single meal is going to provide 400-500 calories

Timely Delivery of meal:  For on-time delivery, we have the Delivery van who will be delivering right tiffin, at the right location at the right time

Visually Appealing:   We try to make our menu as visually appealing as possible

Immense Variety:  We try to bring about much of variety of food, so that we can break the dullness of routine life. Try our exciting office lunch packages to taste homemade food in office premises.