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Our Profile

Tastyy Catering Food is the most important part of any event or function. According to Hindu custom, we say Atithi Debo Bhabha, and to serve the guests without complaints we serve food as the desirable luxury for every event. You cannot leave the responsibility on anyone, when it comes to food. But, you need a professional, a skilled workmanship to let your guest smile ear to ear after a delicious gourmet.

The proprietor of Tastyy Catering Services is Rajesh Pandian, having around 7 years of experience in this specific niche. At Tastyy Catering Services Coimbatore we organize food for different occasion, event and corporate parties and we treat each of this function in a special way. We know how tough it is to provide tasty and good foods on an event, as you may be busy with core schedule, so managing your food becomes a task a problem.

We Are Certified

We provide our customers with the access to multi-cuisine facilities besides serving them with regular and authentic South specialties. Whatever may be the occasion – wedding, birthday, corporate party we handle everything with efficiency by our skilled people. If you have an occasion, we have different facilities to assist you. So come taste our cuisines and have a delightful party from next time.we will be right there beside you

Why Choose Us

It is not the ability of executing the huge task alone, but it also about our long business repute and quality of food we serve. As you cannot plan with right kind of experience and expertise, we are here to help you. So forget about the sleepless night and anxiety. When you made endless calculations just give a call to us, we will be right there beside you. We will help you fix every food arrangement independent of the events size.

What We Can Do For You

As one of the best caterers in Coimbatore, we fulfill your wishes in modern party as per your requirements to acquire place in your guest’s heart. We hire talented cooks to serve best quality and innovative foods to fulfill your clients wish. We serve our clients with different variety because as we said, food is the main point of discussion and marks the success of your event. We are the best catering services in Coimbatore as per client suggestion.

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